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  1. Diagnosing Bipolar vs. ADHD: A Pharmacological Point of View by Dr. Charles Popper
    • Dr. Popper's article provides a list of some of the distinctions between bipolar disorder and ADHD, which can help clarify the process of distinguishing between ADHD and bipolar disorder when making a diagnosis.
  2. How to Request a One-on-One Aide (Para) for Your Child
    • This article provides detailed information about the reasons a parent may request a one-on-one paraprofessional for their child, how to implement it into their child's IEP, and how to present the case for their child's need of a one-on-one paraprofessional to the IEP team.
  3. Dispel the Myth
    • This article discusses what childhood bipolar disorder is and what it is not in a side-by-side comparison. This brief comparison can give parents and others a general idea of what most people think childhood bipolar disorder is and what it really is.
  4. Hidden Symptoms of Childhood Bipolar Disorder
    • This article provides information about some "hidden" symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder that often go unnoticed by parents/caregivers and undetected by doctors and therapists.
  5. Suggestions for Teaching a Bipolar Child
    • This article provides information to help teachers better understand and educate a child with bipolar disorder. It provides information about what bipolar disorder looks like in a child and what teachers might see at school, as well as suggestions for modifications to make the school day easier.
  6. Everyday Math Doesn't Add Up
    • Why Everyday Math doesn't add up and how it is failing our special education students. This article additionally provides examples of the "new" ways to perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. It also provides a list of facts and references for more information.
  7. Why it is Hard to Get a Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder for a Child
    • This article offers some insight and explanation into the challenges faced in diagnosing a child with bipolar disorder and why it is so hard for parents to get that diagnosis for their child.













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