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Why We Don't Accept Donations

Recently, we received some requests about making donations to support our organization and/or cause. We do not personally accept donations.

This decision is based primarily upon the personal experiences of our founders as the parents of a young child with bipolar disorder. When their child received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the first thing they did was to begin researching for information to better understand and help their child. Information was very difficult to find, and many times there was a substantial fee to obtain the information, like a DVD that tells you what an IEP is for $25.00..

With so little information available, especially about educating bipolar children, our founders were left with no choice but to listen to the school. This led to their child being placed in a program so horrible it caused their child to become severely unstable and require a partial hospitalization/day treatment program for just over a year.

Our founders went through a very lengthy battle to get their child returned to the regular education environment with appropriate supports in place. It was only with the help of Disability Rights, Montana, that they were able to achieve this.

After their experiences, our founders did not want to see another child or parent go through the same difficulties they did. At this time, they decided to do all they could to help other parents who have children with bipolar disorder. Additionally, they wanted to help teachers learn more about educating children with bipolar disorder. This was the beginning of the Bipolar Child Support website to provide parents and teachers with all the information possible at aboslutely no charge.

Bipolar Child Support currently has six volunteers, all of which are in some way connected to the field of mental health. Bipolar Child Support currently has a ten-year agreement for website hosting with a promise to stay far ahead of our server/bandwidth needs at no charge to us.

Bipolar Child Support is currently organzing two expansions. The first expansion, Legal, can be found at and will contain information about education court cases. The second expansion, Budgets/Audits, will primarily focus on school budgets, state education funding, and federal education funding.

Bipolar Child Support is currently looking for volunteer legal researchers to help gather and organize information.


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