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Is Special Education Making the Grade at Your School?

Is Special Education making the grade at your school. Parent survey on quality and satisfaction of special education services.

Are you satisfied with the special education and related services your child is receiving? Does your school need to make improvements in special education? Is the school providing appropriate services based on your child's disabilities and needs?

This survey is for parents or other family members who have children receiving special education and related services. All information shared is anonymous (unless you request that we contact you and provide an email address) and will be kept confidential. We will only share the results of this survey.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the quality of special education and related services received by children in the United States. We would like to hear your opinion on the special education and related services your child receives.

Survey results will be computed both on a nationwide basis and a state basis. As our organization is based in Montana, this will be the first state we focus on.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate your assistance with our survey.

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